User Story Mapping

When you are working within a team, a shared understanding is essential. It’s about coding less, and growing software peace by peace. From the Foreword by Marty Cagan: “This book gets to the heart about how teams collaborate, communicate and ultimately come up with good stuff to build.”.

UX for lean startups

Solve problems, which really are existing.

Coders at Work

About the craftsmanship of a coder.

Founders at Work

How founders get their successfully business.

Code Complete

This book is about constructing software. There are several tips included, making a developers live more pleasant.

Code Simplicity

About good software design.

Books by Pieter Hintjens

Social Architecture

About building On-line Communities.

Stories from a man, who has written code for thirty-five years.

Culture and Empire: Digital Revolution

About wealth, time and freedom.

Books about Erlang

Programming Erlang

About writing concurrent, distributed, fault tolerance software. From the creator of the language Joe Armstrong

Erlang Programming

An alternative view to Erlang programming.

Learn you some Erlang for great good

How to get started with Erlang. Also available online

Erlang and OTP in Action

A short introduction to the Erlang language with focus on OTP

Books about Haskell

Learn you a Haskell for great good

Good starting point for the Haskell language. Also available online

Real world Haskell

Also available online

Thinking Functionally with Haskell

A more scientific introduction to Haskell.


PostgreSQL Server Programming

About extending the PostgreSQL Server with PG/pgSQL, PL/Python, PL/Perl and PL/Tcl.

PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance

How to tune the database server.

.NET Framework

Pro WPF in C# 2010

Get a good starting point for WPF. There exists a new edition at the time of writing.